“FaceScapes” is an exceptional show that digs into the multidimensional realm of African identity via the creative lenses of diverse African artists. This exhibition aims to highlight the fundamental connections between the human face and the landscapes of legacy, culture, and personal narratives on the African continent.
Africa, a continent rich in history, traditions, and a patchwork of cultures, has long captivated and inspired artists all over the world. “FaceScapes” takes a fresh look at this rich heritage by emphasizing the human face as a canvas for self-expression, resilience, and identity.
As an artistic subject, the face has served as a canvas for narrative, resistance, and a reflection of the various layers of African existence. Each artist in this exhibition takes us on a visual journey through the intricacies of identification in the African context. These artists transform the human face into a powerful symbol, a mirror that reflects both the past and the present.

“Face Scapes” transcends preconceptions by celebrating the diverse aspects of African identity. It examines the modern African experience through themes of resilience, liberation, migration, belonging, and self-discovery. The artists in this exhibition engage in a deep conversation with their forefathers, examining how their features bear the weight of history as well as the promise of a brighter future.
This anthology emphasizes not only the rich diversity of African civilizations, but also universal human experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. It reminds us that the face is a universal language capable of depicting the depths of human emotion, the beauty of diversity, and the force of unity as a storytelling tool.
“FaceScapes” takes viewers on a visual and emotional journey, encouraging them to question, contemplate, and participate with the complex storylines given by these extraordinary artists. We believe that by visiting this exhibition, viewers will obtain a better understanding of the delicate interplay between individual identity and community heritage in Africa, a continent that is always shaping and redefining its own narrative.
Join us in honoring the face’s power as a mirror to the soul, a reflection of history, and a blank canvas for the future. “FaceScapes” is an invitation to explore, honor, and celebrate the many and different identities that comprise the African experience.

Participating artists:

Olamide Ogunade
Justice Mukheili
Lord Ohene
Sesse Elangwe
Tosin Kalejaye