Parallel Realities -A solo by Mona Nahleh

For the past few years, humanity has witnessed huge changes on many levels. Pandemics, economic crises, threats of impending wars, social changes that challenge our perception of right and wrong and politically, view points are on a broad spectrum of differences that one even wonders if we are all witnessing the same events ! The world is turbulent, and the future is unclear . Where do we stand in all of this ? How do we as individuals perceive these happenings?? How has this changed us , if at all , in our daily lives, our interactions with the world, our dreams and aspirations? Our plans for the future as we venture into the unknown ? How has this affected us individually on our soul level? The answers are as diverse as there are people, we have all changed colors, internally and externally… Some are passive , some active, some choose not to see while others have taken on the role of actively speaking out warnings and pointing out injustices, hence called conspiracy theorists! Some continue to live their lives like nothing changed , refusing to see what is happening, others see and watch but struggle to continue life as they know it , some are paralyzed by fear and are in limbo while others chose the turbulent path of following up on events and letting new knowledge dictate how they feel in the moment. Hope , fear, empathy, avoidance, courage and cowardice… sadness and momentary joy … Collectively we are one , but individually, we are living in parallel realities that occasionally collide.