Fulvio Codsi

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Fulvio Codsi, a visionary artist born in 1965 and based in Beirut, whose captivating paintings transport viewers to realms of imagination and dreams. Codsi’s artistic journey began with an innate passion for drawing, which gradually evolved to encompass acrylic painting and freehand airbrush techniques, resulting in a distinctive and enchanting style.

Drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations and weaving them seamlessly with his own imagined futures, Codsi creates a universe that is both unique and enigmatic. Since 1986, he has been actively participating in numerous collective exhibitions in Lebanon and beyond, each showcasing his singular artistic vision. Notable highlights include special mentions at the esteemed Sursock Museum’s “Salon d’Automne” in 1995 and 2004, as well as the prestigious Jouhaïna Baddoura award bestowed upon him in 2013.

Beyond his prowess in painting, Codsi is also a dedicated full-time 2D animator, further enriching his creative repertoire. His paintings often feature hybrid characters reminiscent of ancient Etruscan, Egyptian, and Incan cultures, set against ethereal backgrounds adorned with luminous effects and trompe l’oeil elements.

Infused with the spirit of comic books and fueled by his boundless imagination, Codsi’s artworks transcend conventional boundaries, depicting fantastical forms imbued with ancient echoes yet distinctly his own. Through his paintings, he offers a respite from the banalities of everyday life, where each sphere symbolizes not just living beings but deeper metaphysical truths waiting to be uncovered.

In essence, Fulvio Codsi’s oeuvre is a testament to the surreal and imaginative, inviting viewers to embark on a journey where the past meets the future, seamlessly brought to life through his mastery of acrylics and airbrush techniques.

Artist statement:
I am not interested in depicting the realities that surround us, on the other hand, I attempt to generate an imaginary world, in which I can reveal my emotions about the things I cherish or dislike.
Each stroke I’ve painted until the present day is of yesterday; now begins the Regeneration.