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Akil Ahmad

Movement: Calligraphy, Contemporary

Akil Ahmad A dedicated artist, Akil was born in 1988 in Syria. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine arts in Aleppo and currently lives in dubai،He has a summer studio in Mersin, Turkey, His passion for Arabic calligraphy began at a young age and until now he has been developing this skill through philosophical and intellectual means related to the letter’s Arabic and Islamic culture. He has participated in several exhibitions worldwide and his artworks can be found in private collections in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, USA, Austria, Germany, Britain, and Ireland. Akil’s artworks are based on Arabic musical ‘Maqams’, where he converts them from their audio pattern to an optical pattern. He explains, «When I hear a voice inside of me, I try to hold all these moments of ecstasy and invert them into a letter, a word, an optical language.” Akil searches for an optical modern language for the Arabic letter.