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Suzi Nassif

Origin: Lebanon

Type: Painter

Movement: Contemporary, Cubism, Figurative

Suzi Nassif Suzi Fadel Nassif is a contemporary self-taught artist born in Lebanon and based in Dubai. She is known for her colorful and vibrant paintings that pay homage to her homeland and the city of Dubai. Suzi’s art is influenced by Salvador Dali’s interest in minute details, and she has invented her own style, “Suzism,” which incorporates elements of abstract impressionism, surrealism, and cubism in perfect harmony and balance. Her paintings tell unique stories, and she excels in the use of color arrangement and texture. Suzi’s visual vocabulary and surrealist style focus on the eyes as a remarkable element in her portraits. She has exhibited her work at various international events and exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale, Tokyo Art Fair, and Art Basel. Suzi has won numerous awards for her art, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Award, the Palm Award, and the Certificate of Excellence.
Suzi Nassif